Liftronic® Pro Column Mounted with Articulated Arm

Liftronic® Pro version Column + Arm  is available in different configurations depending from the max load capacity, arm length and column height required for each application.

It is delivered complete with a custom designed gripping tool.

It can be fixed unto the floor or on a moveable base platform.

Photo Gallery Liftronic® Pro Colum mounted:

• Auto-weight sense and auto-balancing
• Can be integrated with App-Indeva and INDEVA® Gateway
• Unparalleled safety
• Ergonomic design
• Bespoke gripping devices
• Compact and light
• Fast, responsive and precise
• Low carbon footprint

Max. gross capacity: from 80 to 320kg (weight of lifting tool included)
Power supply: 110/230 V-AC – 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max 700 VA
Vertical stroke: up to 2.80m



Video Gallery Liftronic® Pro Column mounted:

Case histories Liftronic® Pro Column mounted:

Intelligent Assist Device INDEVA® manipulators at Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce has published on their official website homepage, (,  a video showing the INDEVA® manipulators used for the production process of its turbines.
The video shows the assembly process of the Trent XWB model 84 and displays  slogan “Putting Together Quickly“.
The manipulators INDEVA® play a crucial role in this process, ’cause, thanks to their advanced electronic control system, can perfectly meet Rolls-Royce’s requirements of speed in the assembly process, and at the same time ensuring complete safety and ergonomics  for operators, who can handle  parts in a real  zero gravity condition!

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