INDEVA® Liftruck: Transpallet or lifting truck or order picker with an electronic manipulator Liftronic® mounted on it.

Liftronic® Easy, with Column and articulated arm can be fixed unto a base platform and this can be fixed unto the forks of a  Liftruck.

Photo Gallery Liftronic® Easy - Liftruck:

Main features

  • Max capacity: 50 kg
  • Max vertical stroke: max 2800 mm
  • Max lifting speed: 0,6 m/sec
  • Control: electronic – 24 Volt D.C.
  • Power consumption: 700 VA
  • Jointed Arm : Orbit-Arm® – possibility of custom arm lengths. .
  • Control panel: it comprises a direction indicator, a battery charge indicator, a steering wheel, control handle for back/forward moves, emergency stop.
  • Safety devices: a failsafe mechanic lock is triggered in the case of a power shortage and a brake limits the lowering speed of the motor.