The INDEVA® Liftronic® Series manipulators can be equipped with standard or custom made vacuum grippers as end effectors.

All INDEVA® manipulators equipped with a vacuum gripper  (standard or custom) offer the highest safety standard compared to any other lift equipment with a vacuum gripping system.

3 standard vacuum grippers are available for the INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro manipulators:

  • VAC-U-GRIP PANELS (pdf-flyer)

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Liftronic® manipulator with interchangeable tools: Innovation and versatility for all your handling needs

We are pleased to share a new project realised with a Liftronic® manipulator. This new system allows for different types of gripping tools, both mechanical and vacuum, offering maximum flexibility, safety and ergonomics. Unparalleled versatility: Our tooling system allows for the handling of a wide range of products thanks to a quick-connect coupling that allows…

Vacuum Gripper at the INDEVA showroom in Wernau Germany

At our showroom in Wernau Germany you can see and test how easily you can handle large wooden panels with an INDEVA Liftronic equipped with the INDEVA Vac-U-Grip end effector. Lifting, moving, rotating, and tilting them is a safe and almost effortless operation thanks to the INDEVA manipulator control system.

Easy and safe panel handling with an INDEVA Vacuum Gripper

At Motek 2023 Scaglia Indeva showed the new INDEVA VAC-U-Gripper, the industrialized end-effector for handling metal sheets or wooden panels. Click here to read the leaflet with detailed info about this INDEVA Vacuum Gripper

Handling wood panels effortlessly

An INDEVA® Liftronic ®Pro with a custom-designed vacuum gripper for handling large-size wood panels

Vacuum Gripper for handling glass or metal sheets

Vac-U-Grip Panel is a standard gripper designed for the INDEVA Liftronic Pro Manipulator for handling glass or metal sheets.
Its modular and industrialized design embodies the INDEVA immense expertise and ensures high efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Handling pecorino cheese safely and quickly

An INDEVA manipulator equipped with a special vacuum gripper is a state of the art lift assist device that allows the operator to handle cheese blocks quickly and safely.

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