INDEVA® Scissor Pantograph is a standard gripping tool designed for standard industrial manipulator Liftronic® Easy

It can be applied to the standard tool head of the Liftronic® Easy industrial manipulator and by means of a quick coupling device can be quickly and easily replaced at any time with  standard hook or another standard gripping tool.

The INDEVA® Scissor  Pantograph is complete with a safety carter for the prevention of injury.

It can grip laods with a wide range of sizes.

Different models are available according to  load weight range  and load type.


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The most versatile Lift Assist Device in the world

The standard Lift Assist Device “Liftronic Easy” can be equipped with different grippers for handling a wide range of load types, shapes and sizes.
Exchanging grippers is easy and quick thanks to a quick coupling device.
All grippers are endowed of safety devices and are designed according to ergonomics principles.


Liftronic® Easy Pantographs

Piling up heavy boxes with ease and speed

Piling up heavy boxes can’t be easier than with an INDEVA Liftronic Easy! Piling up boxes: watch how easy, intutive and natural the handling of heavy and bulky boxes is with an INDEVA Liftronic Easy. Liftronic Easy stops exactly when and where you want it to stop No jerks, no inertial moves, only real time…

Zero Gravity Handling: an INDEVA® for lifting large cardboard boxes

Zero Gravity Handling with an INDEVA®: Quick, Precise, Safe, Ergonomic, Effortless, Intuitive!! Liftronic® Easy is an INDEVA® featuring all the advanteges of all INDEVA® intelligent devices for handling. Read More This Liftronic® Easy is column mounted with 2 joint articulated arm Moves are smooth on vertical stroke thanks to the auto weight sense and auto…

Handling moulds out of a vertical warehouses

More and more companies are choosing an INDEVA® Liftronic® for handling goods out from automatic vertical warehouses. For picking goods out of small automatic vertical warehouses  the solution chosen by different companies is a column mounted INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy with an articulated jointed arm, complete with an INDEVA® gripping tool. In this case  the INDEVA®…

Handling cloth rolls quickly and safely

Handling cloth rolls in textile industry by means of an INDEVA® makes life easier for the operator and production operations are quicker and safer. Fot more info and for receiveing a quick budgetary quote please click here and fill in a brief form

INDEVA® manipulators for tire manufacturing process

World leader tire manufacturers with highly efficient tire manufacturing process repeatedly choose INDEVA® manipulators for handling loads in different areas. Although most companies in the tyre industry use modern and automatic lines for almost all phases of their tire manufacturing process, there are still some operations that involve load manual handling. In order to keep…

Intelligent Assist Device for handling cardboard boxes

Intelligent Assist Device for handling cardboard boxes. An INDEVA® model  Liftronic® Easy complete with INDEVA® Scissor Pantograph Chuck   for handling cardboard boxes of different sizes and weights.

Handling cardboard cases of different sizes

Handling cardboard cases by means of a Liftronic® Easy overhead rail mounted, complete with an INDEVA®  Scissor Type Pantograph Chuck. A very user friendly load handling solution: the rail mounted  Liftronic® Easy is light weight and compact, easy to install and to mantain; light to move along the horizontal axis; auto balancing allowing zero gravity …

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