INDEVA® Scissor Pantograph is a standard gripping tool designed for standard industrial manipulator Liftronic® Easy

It can be applied to the standard tool head of the Liftronic® Easy industrial manipulator and by means of a quick coupling device can be quickly and easily replaced at any time with  standard hook or another standard gripping tool.

The INDEVA® Scissor  Pantograph is complete with a safety carter for the prevention of injury.

It can grip laods with a wide range of sizes.

Different models are available according to  load weight range  and load type.


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Overhead rail mounted Liftronic Easy for handling tiles

An overhead-mounted Liftronic® Easy coupled with a Scissor pantograph is the smart solution for handling packs of tiles along the packaging line in a ceramics industry factory

The most versatile Lift Assist Device in the world

The standard Lift Assist Device “Liftronic Easy” can be equipped with different grippers for handling a wide range of load types, shapes and sizes.
Exchanging grippers is easy and quick thanks to a quick coupling device.
All grippers are endowed of safety devices and are designed according to ergonomics principles.


Liftronic® Easy Pantographs

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