Liftronic® Pro INDEVA® can be equipped with a standard or custom orbital tool head  for easily tilting reels or cylinders. Suitable for handling reelscylinders etc…

INDEVA® Orbital Tool Head  can feature automatic load balancing and automatic barycentre adjust device.


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Electric motor components

Electric Motor components handled by INDEVA®

Moveable Column Mounted Manipulators

Moveable  Industrial Manipulators easily and safely available in different areas of the assembly line A large manufacturing company in the  automotive industry is using various INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy in different areas of their assembly line and required three extra  manipulators  to temporarily replace any one along the line when under maintenance.  The manipulators had to…

Manipulator Liftronic® for handling reels of packaging paper in Poland

INDEVA® Liftronic® with orbital tool head and expanding chuck for handling reels of packaging paper quickly, precisely and safely. An automatic barycentre adjust device allows to mantain perfect balance condition at all times, with or without the reel and no matter if the reel length varies.  

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