We supply finished modular structures according to your specifications

INDEVA Lean System® fully supports the principles of the Lean manufacturing and Kaizen Philosophy and it is, therefore, the ideal tool for those companies aiming for space optimisation and continuous improvement processes.



A supermarket in an industrial production site is the location where a preset standard inventory is kept to supply downstream processes.

Gravity fed flow racks

Gravity Fed Flow Rack

Flow racks, also known as first-in-first-out (“FIFO”) racks or gravity racks or gravity-fed rack (“GFR”).

Work station


Waiting time, repetitive strain and uncomfortable positions will be only a sad memory for the operator that use INDEVA Lean System® modular work stations!

Train set - Tugger carts

Train Set - Tugger Cart

INDEVA Lean System® modular tugger carts can be used in a train set or individually for being towed by an AGV.

Kitting trolleys

Kitting Trolleys

Thanks to 3D simulation we can provide a wide range of tailor-made storage solutions and exhibitors.

Shooter trolleys

Shooter Trolley

Shooter trolleys made with INDEVA Lean System® allow handling heavy loads and move them from one trolley to another one or from one fixed structure to a cart, through an efficient gravity fed sliding system.

Welded structures

INDEVA Design & Manufacture welded structures according to customers specifications.

Work in process carts

INDEVA Lean System идеально подходит для проектирования и сборки тележек для погрузочно-разгрузочных работ.

INDEVA Lean System® is ideal for the design and assembly of in-house material handling carts.

Dunnage bags for kitting

INDEVAs Dunnage bags combines the strength & versatility for handling sensitive parts.