INDEVA® Compact Pantograph is a standard end effector, a load gripper designed for the Liftronic® Easy manipulators.

It can be applied underneath the standard tool head of the manipulator in place of the standard hook.

A quick coupling system allows quick and easy exchange of standard lifting tools to be applied under the manipulator tool head.

The Compact Pantograph can be slightly customized with jaws or pins to suit different types of loads.


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The most versatile Lift Assist Device in the world

The standard Lift Assist Device “Liftronic Easy” can be equipped with different grippers for handling a wide range of load types, shapes and sizes.
Exchanging grippers is easy and quick thanks to a quick coupling device.
All grippers are endowed of safety devices and are designed according to ergonomics principles.

Intelligent Lift Assist Device for handling engine blocks quickly and safely

Liftronic Easy Lift Assist Device for handling engine blocks Click here to know more on the INDEVA solutions for handling engine blocks


Liftronic® Easy Pantographs

Tire rims handling

Tire rims handling in industry Easy, safe, fast, ergonomic system for handling tire rims, with an INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy complete with a compact pantograph chuck with expanding chuck.

Precise load positioning with Float Mode

Precise load handling with INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy Handling loads up to 320 kg is easy and safe, thanks to the state of the art INDEVA technology. Float Mode feature allows you  to handle loads with your hands on it as you would do it without any mechanical aid. This feature allows you to handle heavy…

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