Our dynamic roller conveyors make it possible to utilise the available space in the storage and production departments in the best possible way, consistently optimising material flow.

Using modular flow racks increases your production workflow efficiency, improves picking efficiency, provides ergonomic pick-face replenishment

The wide range of gravity roller conveyors combined with INDEVA® fasteners are innovative solutions designed to improve stock management through the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle, ensuring a continuous and orderly flow of materials. Our gravity roller conveyors, combined with modular fasteners, offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency, ideal for any production or warehouse environment.

What are INDEVA® Gravity Roller Balls with Fixing Joints?

Gravity roller conveyors are conveyor systems that utilise the force of gravity to move materials along a series of inclined rollers. Combined with INDEVA® fastening joints, these systems become extremely modular and customisable, allowing solutions that follow the FIFO principle to be easily designed and implemented.

Advantages of INDEVA® gravity roller tracks with fixing joints

🔹 Efficient Stock Management: The FIFO system ensures that the oldest materials are used first, reducing the risk of obsolescence and improving stock rotation.

🔹 Flexibility and Customisation: INDEVA® fasteners allow gravity roller conveyors to be configured to the specific needs of your plant. This allows you to create customised layouts that optimise space and improve material flow.

🔹 Reduced Handling Time: Gravity does the heavy lifting, moving materials without the use of motors or other energy sources, reducing handling time and operating costs.

🔹 Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Fixing joints make it easy to assemble and modify roller conveyors, making installation and maintenance quick and simple.

🔹 Increased Productivity: With a continuous and orderly flow of materials, operators can work more efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

Applications of gravity roller conveyors

  • Production Lines: They facilitate the smooth movement of materials along assembly lines, improving production speed and efficiency.
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres: Optimise the storage and handling of products, improving inventory management.
  • Picking stations: Make the picking process faster and more efficient, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Packaging areas: Ensure a continuous flow of packaging materials, improving the speed and efficiency of the packaging process.

Why choose gravity roller conveyors with INDEVA® fasteners?

By choosing gravity roller conveyors combined with INDEVA® fasteners, you invest in a solution that significantly improves material handling and operational efficiency. Our products are designed to last and to easily adapt to the changing needs of your plant.

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