Companies in the Toyota Group worldwide, for the past 20 years have been choosing INDEVA Lift Assist Devices and INDEVA Lean System, for their production sites:  all contribute to improve productivity, Lean Manufacturing and ergonomics.

Various INDEVA Lean System solutions are used along the TOYOTA production lines: from supermarkets to work in process carts, gravity flow racks, kitting trolleys, etc…

INDEVA Lean System solutions at TOYOTA plant in Bologna

At the Bologna plant Toyota has been using since many years 7 INDEVA Manipulators that prooved efficient and reliable and have been contributing to keep the high standards of TOYOTA relative to ergonomics, safety as well as lean and efficient manufacturing. The INDEVA Manipulators are used for handling different car parts along the production line.

Manipulator for handling truck forks at the Toyota production line in Italy
Handling truck forks at Toyota plant in italy
INDEVA manipulator for handling tires at TOYOTA truck plant
Handling tires at the Toyota production plant