An INDEVA manipulator acts as an extension of the human arm to stock tire rims deep onto shelves

In this area, the operator had to move tire rims from a trolley and stocking onto shelves. The operator was used to doing this manually with all the intrinsic complications affecting health and safety as well as overall productivity.

A lift assist device was absolutely needed.  A hoist was not suitable for this task due to fixed lifting speed and the need to keep the UP/DOWN button pressed all the time. These features adversely affect ergonomic and productivity in a repetitive task.

A pneumatic industrial manipulator also was not a suitable solution because of the slow responsiveness of the pneumatic control with the intrinsic effects of difficulty in precisely positioning the load with no jerks, which also adversely affect ergonomics and productivity.

In addition, it was necessary to reach deep into the racks without too much effort to avoid hitting the racks, as the space between the racks is reduced.

In fact, the only solution that could fully meet all of the above requirements proved to be an INDEVA® Linear Manipulator.

An INDEVA® allows for smooth and quick, yet very precise movements that to its electronic control technology; the operator can pick, move and release the tire rims deep into the shelves while maintaining ergonomic position.

The tires to be stocked have different sizes ranging from 15” to 18” diameter with weight up to 30 kg. The release height varies from 10 to 170 cm. An INDEVA® does not need any adjustment when the load weight changes, so that different tires can be handled with no interruption so ever: an INDEVA® acts indeed as an extension of the operator’s arm.

To stock tires onto shelves an INDEVA® Linear Manipulator is the cutting-edge solution.

An INDEVA manipulator acts as an extension of the human arm to stock tire rims deep onto shelves
INDEVA Linear Manipulator for stocking tire rims deep onto shelves