stefano scaglia

 Stefano Scaglia, the outgoing President of AFIL, has been reelected.

AFIL‘s (Intelligent  Factory Lombardy cluster)  Board of Directors met on the 28th of June,  at the Mechanics department of the  “Politecnico di Milano” engineering University, in order to elect thei President.

According to item 13.1 of the Asssociation Statute  the Board of Directors choose  their President among all Directors of the Board.

The President remains in charge for maximum 2 years and can be reelected  only once.

The decision of the Board of Directors was unanimous  and Stefano Scaglia , the outgoing President, has been reelected.

Ing. Stefano Scaglia is  the Managing Director of of the Scaglia Group as well as of Scaglia INDEVA, a company part of the Scaglia Group. He’s also one of the incorporators of  AFIL, the Intelligent Factory Lombardy Association.