Smart FActory at Robopack factory withthe AGV INDEVA

From the article published on Italia Imballaggio edition April 2020:

“Motivated by the need to increase production and the opportunity to fully grasp the trend of a fast growing market, the “Robopac Smart Factory” project started from
the Robopac Machinery plant in San Marino in 2018. First step of the collaboration between Porsche Consulting and the young, expert engineers of the Robopac team:
revision of the production layout of the plant, followed by the selection of digital technologies to be adopted.
«Our goal was to further improve process flexibility and efficiency – says Enrico Aureli, CEO of Robopac – as well as predicting a 50% increase in the production
capacity of the San Marino plant. We want to get to the top of automation and digitalization, while continuing to enhance the people who remain at the centre of our business strategy … Because if technology helps us maximize productivity and flexibility, ensuring a rapid and thorough analysis capacity, human intelligence is as ever at the basis of the programming and the optimisation of all processes».

To develop the “Smart Factory” project, first level technological partners were chosen, also from a Group perspective, to then adopt the results obtained, over time, in all  our plants.

After the pilot plant in San Marino, in fact, all the other plants will be involved in a process of further automation and digitalization, each according to its

Smart FActory at Robopack factory withthe AGV INDEVA

Introduction of AGVs. Based on the partnership with the Scaglia Indeva company, for the internal logistics of Line 1 – the main line located on the factory floor, capable of producing a machine every 13 minutes, AGVs ( automatic guided vehicles) have been introduced. The surface of the assembly line, previously motorized, has been doubled with the addition of 26 AGVs for a diversified handling of the machines, managed entirely by a central system.
Thanks to this innovation, each machine, depending on the type and characteristics desired, is able to take different paths according to the necessary processes. The system provides the necessary information for each machine to the operator at the destination workstation. Once completed and tested, the machine is then automatically returned to the main flow and from there to the shipping area, completing the circuit.
This is the most interesting and technologically advanced line of the whole Group, as it revolutionizes the logic of traditional assembly lines. In fact, it introduces the very modern concept of variable paths according to the type of machine to be produced, making use of an advanced automation and handling system … a flagship in the world of
packaging machines but not only there.
The AGV supervision system also interfaces with the MES system to better manage the production flow.

Smart Facory with AGV INDEVA
Smart Factory with INDEVA AGV