Zero Gravity Manipulators – Intelligent lifting devices  with dual magnet end effector.

A company in the business of galvanization zinc plating has bought 30 INDEVA® manipulators, some column mounted with jointed arm and some rail mounted.

The manipulators are used to help the operators load the beams unto the racks. This company chose INDEVA® manipulators ’cause only these are truly self balancing: they automatically and continually detect the weight of the load and counterbalance it. Thanks to the self balancing feature, (main cutting edge technology feature of the INDEVAs® ), the operators, one at each end of the beam, can work independently one from another.

The manipulators, placed one at each end of the beam, automatically share the weight and adjust their force according to the inclination of the beam , as given by the operators.

They couldn’t carry out this job without the aid of the INDEVA® Intelligent Devices for Handling.

Featured, for example, a pre-set load function or pneumatic self balancing (which is not as reactive and sensitive as the electronic self balancing  of the INDEVA® ) the operators couldn’t control their movements so precisely and effortlessly.


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