Scaglia INDEVA® combine cutting edge technology with expertise in material handling solutions.


The INDEVA®  products represent an evolution of the traditional lifting equipments such as hoists and pneumatic manipulators.

Everywhere a pneumatic hoist is used can be replaced by an INDEVA® manipulator or even better by a state of the art intelligent device for handling.

Scaglia INDEVA®  are specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom made gripping toolings that can be applied to existing pneumatic hoists.

The evoluted lifting systems by INDEVA® grant lot of advantages compared to traditional pneumatic hoists: a more ergonomic design, higher lifting speed, more precise movements; they are much more appreciated by the operators that do not need to keep their hand on the UP/DOWN buttons and can move the load in a more intuitive way; the evoluted pneumatic hoists by INDEVA® provide an overall better performance in terms of more ergonomics, more productivity and more safety.