Pirelli handle tires using an INDEVA

Pirelli tires is a major customer of INDEVA® around the world and this year they installed  INDEVA®  manipulators in a Pirelli factory in Brazil! This confirms Pirelli’s policy to choose state of the art technology for handling tires in their plants.

In Brazil there are 5 plants with over 6000 employees. Worldwide Pirelli works with  24 plants in 12 countries, 3  Research and Development Centers, sales activities in more than 120 countries on 5 continents  with a total of about 24 thousand employees.

The INDEVA® manipulators allow to handle tires of different sizes and weights with fast, safe and ergonomic movements!

 try-out at the the product unit of Scaglia INDEVA

*  photo taken during try-out at the  the product unit of Scaglia INDEVA® in Italy.

The INDEVA® manipulators allow to handle tires up to 40 kg during the processes of test, palletizing or loading them on racks easily, fast and safely.

The hook of the end  effector has been designed by Scaglia  INDEVA® taking into account the analysis of all automotive tire models produced by Pirelli in Brazil; Scaglia Indeva provided an optimized gripper to handle tires of all the different models in the best possible way.
The INDEVA® allows you to pick the tires in horizontal position from the conveyor and to place them upright on their own racks or horizontally on pallets.
The INDEVA® solution, which comprises the manipulator and custom gripping tool,  eliminated injury risks to the operators who now can handle tires up to 40 kg with almost no effort whilst  keeping ergonomic postures during the entire handling cycle.   Handling is carried out intuitively as if the manipulator were an extension of the operator’s arm. Ergonomics and safety improvement while maintaining the speed needed in this type of operation. This combination of advantages -ergonomics improvement together with productivity consistency- is possible only with an INDEVA® manipulator featuring electronic control , since the traditional pneumatic manipulators fail to deliver this performance!

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