Yazıcı parçalarını seçme ve paketleme

A Manufacturer of printers in Belgium needed an effective solution for picking printer parts and packing them in a custom-made box.

The main difficulty and challenge was the little maneuvering space when introducing the parts into the box, which is sized for leaving no free space when filled.

Yazıcı parçalarını seçme ve paketleme
Yazıcı parçalarını seçme ve paketleme

Our distributor in Belgium, RDL Engineering,  has provided the solution that met all requirements and even exceeded expectations as far as user-friendliness and ergonomics for the operator.

An INDEVA manipulator Liftronic Easy and an RDL lifting gripper fitted with rotating lifting points.

Precision engineering down to the millimeter is actually what distinguishes RDL and we are proud to cooperate with them.

This INDEVA solution allows picking and packing printer parts almost effortlessly, with the power of a machine but as easily, intuitively, and precisely as in manual handling with no mechanical aid.  This is possible thanks to the electronic control of the INDEVA manipulator which allows for finely controlled movements and real-time responsiveness to the operator intentions.

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