Pharmaceutical industry chooses INDEVA

A large company in the pharmaceutical industry has installed an INDEVA® Liftronic Easy, completely made in stainless steel, in a clean room for handling pharmaceutical products.

They have to handle trays filled with glass containers: about 30 trays per hour have to be picked from the filling machines and released unto a trolley.

Why has this Pharmaceutical Company chosen an INDEVA®  for lifting trays full of  glass containers filled with  liquid medicine?

How they used to perform this task before:

manually by means of women operators.

What was the problem?

at the end of their work shift the workers couldn’t keep the same work pace as at the beginning, thus decreasing overall productivity;

productivity needed to be kept constant and handling operations fluid and quick;

the trays weigh maximum 25 kg, but each tray has a different weight, therefore a traditional pneumatic manipulator wasn’t suitable, because it can’t get adjusted to different load weights automatically and in real time;

a traditional hoist  was not suitable as well because it requires to keep a button pressed for the up/down movements and has a fixed speed, resulting too slow.

What was the only possible and best solution?

An INDEVA® Liftronic Easy was the best possible solution because it satisfies all the above mentioned requests:

  •  it is auto weight sense and auto balancing
  • it allows quick and very smooth moves
  • it is easy to install  and very user friendly to use and to maintain
  • the ceiling mounted model occupies little space and could fit into their clean room

Customer’s feedback after a month from the installation:

Both the management and the workers are very satisfied with the INDEVA® performance and use it regularly; productivity pace is consistent along the whole work shift and workers are granted with better work conditions requiring less strain and providing better ergonomics.

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pharmaceutic industry chooses INDEVA technology