Only one intelligent device for handling INDEVA®, column mounted with 2.5 m long jointed arm and equipped with a multi-face end effector, to lift bags, boxes and drums by means of vacuum and jars by means of a special hook.

The INDEVA®, Liftronic® model, could fully satisfy the need this Company had to lift 4 different types of load by means of one operator in one place.

The request was for a lift device that could allow the operator to carry out the handling cycle (from pallet to stand) several times per work shift, quickly yet precisely.

The INDEVA® is auto weight sense and auto balancing and does not need of any adjustment every time the load weight changes: the load is perfectly counter balanced all the time and the operator has to apply always the same force (just a few grams) for lifting the 25 kg drums and the 50 kg boxes.

The sensitive handle eliminates the inertia force that would compel the operator to increase effort when changing the vertical direction or when the load is first picked from its support. this feature is unique for the intelligent devices for handling and it is not achievable by the traditional pneumatic manipulators.
The overturning handles allow for an ergonomic grip all the time for the operator who’s not forced to bend his back or to stretch upward his arms above the shoulder level.

The four different gripping faces are interchangeable by means of a simple and quick click.

The operator can, therefore, move and lift heavy loads smoothly and effortlessly as he were working without the aid of a machine for lifting loads of very few grams.

One manipulator only for handling 4 different types of packaging