Liftronic Mobile, el manipulador ingravido móvil

In 2020 we are proud to launch the Liftronic® Mobile which, like all other Liftronic Series Intelligent lift assistors is safe and ergonomic, but is also moveable to different workstations within the production and logistics area.

INDEVA® Research and Development once again demonstrates its ability to develop effective solutions in line with the real needs of the production environment.

Since 1975 Scaglia Indeva has continuously offered innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions that improve productivity, safety and ergonomics in production environments where manual handling of loads is required.


With the Liftronic® Mobile manipulator you can lift and move bags, containers, boxes, bins, components, etc., and place them on a pallet, shelf or conveyor effortlessly, ergonomically, safely, precisely and quickly.

Like all the other models in the Liftronic® Series, this manipulator allows operators to lift and manoeuvre loads as naturally as an extension of the user’s arms, with the agility and responsiveness of a human operator coupled with the power of a machine.

It also allows you to move and position the load very precisely, optimising the speed of movement depending on the application or operator’s requirements, offering performance benefits that traditional lifting devices cannot provide.

Its agile 4-jointed arm, which can be folded and locked securely when the pallet truck has to be moved, allows items to be picked from both the right and left sides of the truck.

If required, the swivel joint on the end of the arm allows continuous rotation of the gripping tool without the risk of the rope twisting.

When using a vacuum suction cup to grip bags or boxes, the piping is contained within the arm, minimising the risk of damage and maximising visibility to the operator.

Maintenance operations are simple to perform as the main components are easily accessible behind a removable panel.

Battery replacement is also easy by means of our special battery trolley.

Designed to be safely and easily mounted on an electric pallet truck.

Liftronic® Mobile is equipped with integral safety devices to ensure maximum safety for the operator and security of the load being handled

  • If the arm is not secured when moving the pallet truck, a sensor activates an acoustic alarm.
  • If batteries are low, the system allows the arm to be moved to a rest or unload position; a low battery message will then be displayed in the control panel.
  • If the system gets accidentally switched off, you will be able to complete the material handling action you were undertaking before it shuts down.
  • In the unlikely case of rope damage, a mechanical safety device prevents the arm from lowering.

The Liftronic® Mobile can be equipped with different INDEVA® grippers

A quick coupling device allows you to handle different types of loads with a simple and quick change of gripper.

Linear Pantograph

Scissor Pantograph

Compact Pantograph

Manual Magnet Gripper

Pneumatic Magnet Gripper

Vacuum Gripper

Liftronic® Mobile is a very useful and smart new member of the INDEVA® Intelligent Devices for Handling Devices family

Liftronic Mobile is a manipulator unit that can be easily fixed on a liftruck and be moved where needed