Liftronic Easy 6

The most most cutting edge technology for intelligent lift assist devices in the world !

Liftronic® Easy is the INDEVA® intelligent lift assist devices range designed for rapid and repetitive work cycles using simple gripping tools.

In October 2018 we are proud to introduce our latest generation Liftronic® Easy: Liftronic® Easy-6

We have upgraded our intelligent lift assist device and made it even more user friendly, easier to maintain, more versatile and flexible.

A new touch screen panel interface allows the operator to set and visualize all operation parameters in a very intuitive way.

This version has been specially designed to make it easy and safe to add a custom gripping tool designed and made by the end-user.

The standard tool head now is designed to accept controls for your own gripping tool and to easily add the photocell  to activate the arm brake.

The most important new feature is surely the possibility to easily implement safety functions for your own gripping tool, thanks to our I-Connect interface module, that allows communication between the manipulator and the gripping device. The I-Connect interface module can be easily fitted into the tool head in its preset allocation when and if required.

Electrical wiring and pneumatic cabling from your own gripping device can be easily and quickly connected to our toolhead thanks to connection points already set in the toolhead.

Download the Liftronic® Easy-6 flyer

Watch  video on Liftronic® Easy-6

You can try our new Liftronic® Easy-6 at either one of following exhibitions:

Motek 2018 Stuttgart

BIMU 2018 Milan

Advanced Engineering 2018 UK

Automotive Hungary 2018 – Budapest

MSV 2018 Brno