Moveable column mounted manipulators

Moveable  Industrial Manipulators easily and safely available in different areas of the assembly line

A large manufacturing company in the  automotive industry is using various INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy in different areas of their assembly line and required three extra  manipulators  to temporarily replace any one along the line when under maintenance.  The manipulators had to be easily and safely moveable along the line.

Scaglia INDEVA has supplied three moveable column mounted manipulators

Three Liftronic® Easy, column mounted with articulated jointed 3 m. long arm, fixed unto a platform mounted on the forks of an electric cart.

Each system is supplied as one machine as the manipulator and the electric cart are interfaced with one another and safely jointed.

This solution grants safety and versatlity

Moveable column mounted manipulator

Moveable column mounted manipulator

  •  The  electric cart won’t move unless the arm and the gripping tool are safely fastened unto their support
  • The manipulator won’t turn on unlsess the platform is safely layed on the floor
  • The Manipulator tool head allows for the application of different gripping tools and  replacing one tool with another is easy and quick


Moveable column mounted manipulaotr