In an industrial vehicles factory the glasses and doors were handled by 2 operators for picking the glass from vertical position, 90° rotation, positioning it on the work table, lifting it, rotating it and placing it on the racks. A work cycle 10 minutes long and repeated several times a day, which involved high product damage risk and injury hazards for the operators.
An INDEVA® is the solution that fully satisfied the demand for more ergonomics safety and productivity.
Intelligent, self-balancing industrial manipulator, that detects and balances the weight of the load automatically and continually, thus eliminating all inertia forces when picking and releasing the load and when inverting direction; it allows for quick and smooth movements, with no impact at all when releasing the load, with no effort for the operator, and no product damage danger.
The end effector allows load rotation by 90° in a safe and quick way.
Equipped with safety vacuum tank against load fall. Easy to maintain and to control, it allows energy saving thanks to its feature of auto-turn off after a pre-set machine stop time.
Scaglia INDEVA® has been designing and producing electronic manipulators since 1975 and it is the only supplier offering both pneumatic manipulators and electronic, intelligent manipulators.