Lift assist devices for handling paper or plastic bags are required in a soap powder factory.

Workers  of a Company manufacturing mixtures for soaps must handle plastic or paper bags  weighing about 25 kg in very frequent and repetitive work cycles. Manual load handling without any  lift assist device is not allowed as it can be harmful for the operator  and would imply possible slowdown or stops of the work flow.  It is also necessary to avoid that the powder contained in the bags come in contact with the workers’ hands to avoid skin irritation.; powder is also present in small amounts also on the surface of the bags, therefore picking and holding the bags with bare hands is not allowed.

A hoist is not the right solution, due to its  fixed speed for the  up/down movements  and the need for the operator  to keep a button pressed all the time. Such features make this device a non- ergonomic nor productive solution.

A pneumatic manipulator is not the right solution as well,  because it does allow to  lift and position loads in a fast and smooth way as it is, instead, required for these repetitive handling work cycles.  In fact  the inertia forces typical of a pneumatic manipulator in the  direction change, in speed increase/decrease of load displacement along the vertical axis, as well as in  load positioning, adversely affect the level of ergonomics and safety for the operator.

The only  solution that could fully satisfy all the above mentioned requirements is the installation of  column mounted INDEVA® manipulators , Liftronic® model with a high vacuum pump, and vacuum gripping system  suitable or lifting bags.

An INDEVA®  industrial manipulator, thanks to its electronic control which eliminates all inertia forces,  allows for smooth, quick yet precise movements and load positioning.
Very important as well the fact that an  INDEVA® Liftronic® L80 allows a vertical excursion of about 3 meters, making it easy to reach very different heights. The INDEVA®s feature   anti-load release safeties, which prevent the load to fall in case of power failure and consequently prevent  risks for the operator and for the integrity of the bag. In case of power failure, the bag won’t be abruptly released, but it will remained firmly gripped by the suction cups, while the gripping tool slowly descends down until the load reaches a stable support.

A INDEVA® is a  truly auto weight sense and auto balancing lift device and gets adjusted to different weights in an automatic and continuous mode; This allows the operator to work with lots of  bags of different weights  without having to adjust the system to the  new weight  or to pre-select a different setting each time.

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