manipulators for tire production plants

World leader tire manufacturers with highly efficient tire manufacturing process repeatedly choose INDEVA® manipulators for handling loads in different areas.

Although most companies in the tyre industry use modern and automatic lines for almost all phases of their tire manufacturing process, there are still some operations that involve load manual handling.

In order to keep high production pace and productivity standards as well as to comply with recent Directives and Regulations on ergonomics and safety in work places, these Companies need lifting equipment up to their standards.

Lifting devices must allow for quick response to operator intentions, precise load positioning and customized lifting tool designed to offer maximum ergonomics for the operator as well as the highest safety level.

An INDEVA® meets all these requirements; its safety standard is the highest available for lifting equipment: thanks to its electronic control, even if the operator presses the release button when load is not safely placed on a support, the load won’t be released, and in case of power failure  load remains firmly gripped causing no harm whatsoever.

This is why large Companies whose concern for achieving high standards of safety, ergonomics and productivity is great, choose INDEVA® manipulators for different tasks along their tire manufacturing process such as:

handling tires

handling reels of steel cord

handling rubber rolls

handling rubber blocks

handling reels of weft yarn

handling bags of polyester material

handling bags of polyester material - Tyres - tire manufacturing process

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