Manipolaotri per basamenti motore


A company that deals with heat treatments wanted to be able to manage the handling of engine blocks in an agile, simple and fast way, with a rate of 1500 pieces in 8 hours. The difficulty for the operators is related to the fact that the engine blocks are located inside baskets and the operator has to perform an unergonomic operation to lift them, which can harm the locomotor apparatus.


The company decided to turn to Scaglia INDEVA® in order to find a solution that would not only speed up the work cycle, consequently increasing productivity, but also improve the ergonomics and the safety for the benefit of the workers. Scaglia INDEVA® proposed two Liftronic® Easy manipulators, one with a linear pantograph, the second with a scissor pantograph. Workpiece loading is handled with the Liftronic® Easy with linear pantograph. With the aid of the Liftronic® Easy manipulator, the operator transfers the engine blocks taken in a vertical axis from a container and positions them once again in a vertical axis on the line. The workpiece is then rotated by the operator by simply pushing it slightly.

The unloading of the engine blocks is carried out with the INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy manipulator with scissor pantograph. The engine block is removed from the end-of-line roller conveyor by the operator with the help of the INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy and is then placed on a pallet.

Scaglia INDEVA® also supplied the customer with a third Liftronic® Easy manipulator equipped with a special hook that enables the operator to transfer a pair of empty baskets weighing a total of 240kg from a position to another.


  • Speed and productivity: with INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy, handling operations are now faster and more precise. In one smooth movement, workpieces can be moved to the desired positions, speeding up the work cycle.
  • Ergonomics and safety: INDEVA® manipulators make it possible to handle loads almost as if they were weightless, ensuring operator safety and preventing accidents
  • User friendly: INDEVA® manipulators are so intuitive and easy to use, that can be considered an extension of the human arm