manipolatori industriali per macchine agricole

John Deere Forestry Oy produces truck tractors, combine harvesters and harvester heads for the agricultural industry. In addition to producing agricultural machinery, the company has six customer service centres in Finland, which are responsible for parts sales, maintenance and technical support. John Deere loader tractors and combine harvesters produced in Finland have been awarded the Key Flag label.


The work cycle involves lifting and positioning pipes, weighing about 35 kilos, and their extension brackets, to a height of about two metres. This manual operation did not comply with the ergonomics and safety guidelines for the operators as the worker had to lift a heavy load at a height above his shoulders by climbing a ladder, which posed a health risk.


Therefore, in early spring 2019, the John Deere Forestry plant in Joensuu turned to Indeva®, with the aim of speeding up the assembly process in its agricultural machinery production lines and improving ergonomics and worker safety. Indeva designed for John Deere an industrial manipulator of the PN series with a customised load-carrying system for forklift assembly. Tube handling can now be performed safely and ergonomically at floor level thanks to the Indeva manipulator. The load is safely grasped by the manipulator’s gripping system and can be moved and positioned precisely and effortlessly by the operator. The gripping head is released when the hose connection with its extension is in position and gently moved to the starting point. This greatly accelerates work and significantly improves productivity, safety and ergonomics.


After delivery to the Joensuu factory, the manipulator was quickly and easily installed and was immediately operational.

Industrial engineer Antonio Kirjavainen of John Deere Forestry said that the cooperation with Scaglia Indeva and its staff in Finland was efficient and that the manipulator was manufactured and installed on schedule. He also praised the way Indeva kept them constantly informed about the progress of the project. Indeva‘s approach is to build a test site at their premises. The manipulator is tested under conditions similar to those at the end user’s site to ensure that the performance of the delivered system meets the customer’s requirements. Antonio Kirjavainen explains that Indeva’s products were chosen on the basis of previous positive experiences, as they already use an Indeva manipulator for handling universal joints at the plant. Antonio Kirjavainen also specified that the manipulator required very little maintenance over time and was easy to use.


  • Ease of use and precision: with the help of the Indeva® manipulator the operator can easily handle and position the tubes
  • Speed and productivity: the ease of use ensures a faster work cycle, which translates into increased productivity
  • Safety and ergonomics: using Indeva® manipulators allows heavy loads to be handled as if they were weightless, preventing injuries and damages to the locomotor system
  • Customisation: Indeva® industrial manipulators with customised gripping systems are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at Scaglia Indeva’s factory according to the customer’s specific requirements and products to be handled. This guarantees that the manipulator is immediately functional and ready to use.
manipolatori industriali per macchine agricole