Scaglia INDEVA® S.p.A has recently supplied to a Manufacturer of polymers, 15 order pickers complete with manipulator INDEVA® for handling reels up to 3500 mm height.

These INDEVA® Liftrucks are complete reel handling workstations which include the order picker truck, the Liftronic balancer with 1300 mm long two-joint arm, reel handling tool head. The tool vertical stroke is 3300 mm with max lift speed of 0.6 m/sec.

The Liftruck order pickers are powered by a 24 V battery and can move at 9.5 km/hour speed.

They feature man on board platform with lifting height up to 1700 mm and forks with lifting height up to 690 mm from floor level. They are equipped with revolving supports to hold the spacers between layers and packages.

The tool head features a manual lever for 90° rotation; The main truck controls (up / down platform and forks, stop) are on the tool in order to allow the operator to control all truck and end-effector functions in a user-friendly and ergonomic way.

Order picker with INDEVA manipulator for reels.