manipulator for pipe couplings

Handling pipe couplings of different sizes at zero gravity condition

Manipulator for pipe couplings of different sizes

An INDEVA® Manipulator equipped with end effector for handling pipe couplings  along the greasing line has successfully satisfied the demand for more productivity and ergonomics in a large manufacturing Company.

By using this INDEVA® manipulator, the operator can pick two pipe couplings at the time, turn them by 90°  and precisely place them on the greasing line, with practically no effort, thus being able to keep same work pace all day long.

The pipe couplings to handle are of different sizes varying from 8,5/8 inches to 15 inches with weights up to 50 kg each; the end effector can easily get manually adjusted according to the coupling size, whenever a new lot of couplings has to be handled.

The  end effector handles can be adjusted to vary  their distance from the load to handle in order to allow each operator to adjust work position according to his/her personal requirement.

By means of a simple selector it is possible to decide whether to pick one or two couplings at the time.

This manipulator belongs to the  Liftronic® Series, and as such,  thanks to its electronic control allows for great precision of movements and load positioning. Thanks to the auto balancing feature it is possible to handle loads of different sizes with no need to select a different weight setting each time a new lot of couplings with different weights has to be handled.

 Two gripping tools for one INDEVA® Intelligent Device for Handling for pipe couplings

On this same manipulator you can exchange gripping tool!  When you have to handle 3 pipe coupling at the time you just replace the whole lifting tool by simply unscrew one and fix the other one.