Liftronic air

Handling  large trolleys of different sizes with one Intelligent Lift Assist Device

A Company manufacturing trolleys for shop floor material handling needed a lift assist device for handling 46 different types of large trolleys at the sealing stage of their production line

Loads to be handled: 46 diferent types of large trolleys for Food Industry:

  • 31 types of  large sliding  trolleys
  • 5 types of  large trolleys for carrying dishes
  • 10 types of  large trolleys for table serving

Their weight ranges from 12 to 38 kg.

Handling cycle

All  large trolleys are picked in horizontal position from either one of the 3 sealing machines.

The trolley must then be rotated by 90/180°  and released onto the floor or, depending on the trolley type, piled one on top of another.

Load handling unit requirements

  • Possibility to handle all  large trolleys types with only one lift assist device
  • The lifting device must be especially user friendly  in order to allow workers with no experience to use it.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Maximum safety  against load drop and against sudden and uncontrolled  movements of the gripping tool

INDEVA® solution

A column mounted Liftronic® Air with custom gripping tool suitable for handling large trolleys with grip on their internal side.

The gripping tool is equipped with 2 ergonomically designed handles and a 600 mm long sensitive handle.

The gripping tool is designed for 3 chuck sets easy to replace, suitable for the 3 different categories of  large trolleys.

 Advantages of the INDEVA® Liftronic® Air

  • Liftronic® Air is auto weight sensing and auto balancing, thus making the task of handling different types of large trolleys with different weights  easy and user friendly with no need of any adjustment.
  • Liftronic® Air  is very responsive to the operator’s intention, thus allowing for smooth and natural movements in picking, rotating and releasing stages.
  • Liftronic® Air features the highest safety standard available for lift assist devices.
  • Liftronic® Air  rigid parallelogram arm can handle heavy and bulky offset loads  with ease and precision
  • Liftronic® Air’s electronic control over the pneumatic circuits allows for efficient air consumption, thus eliminating  air waste.

Why an INDEVA® lift assist device is very far above the competition

manipulator for large trolleys

Manipulator or large trolleys

Manipulator for large trolleys

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