World novelty at the LogiMAT 2018 : Scaglia INDEVA shows the INDEVA® Modulo

INDEVA® Modulo comprises a wide range of standard components the user  can choose from for building his “own”, safe handling device.

Liftronic® Easy.

The supplier of manipulators and material handling solutions enables companies with this solution to reduce throughput times and efficiently adapt handling systems to new production requirements.
With the INDEVA® Modulo, the user can design, assemble and modify his individual gripping tool modularly. It consists of a control unit with I/O interface, various clamping devices that can be equipped with customized gripping jaws, human-machine interfaces such as remote controls and various grips, and a swivel joint.

All components can be installed, maintained and replaced in a short time. With this  system, companies, integrators or even engineering offices can quickly adapt production facilities to new conditions.

The gripping tool has to be fixed underneath the control head of the electronic handling system Liftronic® Easy via a quick-change coupling.

Scaglia INDEVA presents the gripper solution in combination with this intelligent lifting aid.

Scaglia INDEVA at LogiMAT 2018: Hall 7, Booth D47