Transportable Linear Manipulator

Scaglia INDEVA, already a partner of a well-known tyres manufacturer for the automotive industry for several years, has designed and implemented a solution for the handling of particular membrane – KITS for tyres up to 45kg.


The customer’s need was to handle these kits, from the thermoforming press to the multiple presses to be served.

INDEVA has proposed a transportable Linear Manipulator, suitable for allowing the operator to move from one press to another easily.

The system was equipped with 3 pegs to store the membrane kits to be moved to the presses.

The deflected arm of the manipulator has been designed to avoid any obstacles present near the presses during handling. A 3,750 mm arm has been chosen to reach the centre of each single press, allowing the operator to remain inside the area defined for working safely.

Thanks to the Linear Manipulator, it was possible to fit inside the press and reach the restricted working areas, guaranteeing precise positioning of the load.


INDEVA, once again, has contributed to the improvement of ergonomics, productivity and safety in the workplace, offering a flexible solution adaptable to the customer’s needs.