Linear Manipulator for fitting batteries on the underside a bus

Our contact with Wright Group goes back to 2017 when Wrightbus, as the company was known then, asked us to visit and advise on a range of handling issues which included seat handling, windscreens, instrument panel, and flooring materials. The project was put on hold and the company was then purchased by Industrialist Jo Bamford, son of Lord Bamford (JCB).

I kept sending information to Mark Kyle to keep him updated on the Indeva product range and he invited me in to look at battery handling for electric buses. They were having issues fitting batteries to the underside of the new product. The batteries weighing up to 130kg and the maximum height the vehicle could be raised was 1.1m. This meant they needed a solution that was fairly frictionless as operators would need to be seated on mobile stools while they carried out the work package.

We have used the Liftronic Linear for many complex operations in the past where heavy products require auto weight sensing, precision placement and direct control of the load by the operator.

Working with the Wright Group team to develop a delivery pallet that would allow access for the bespoke tray tool designed to totally support the battery when lifted and have adjustments to cater for the full range.

As part of our normal procedure a final specification visit was arranged, data compiled and the design and drawing presentation was quickly approved by the customer. The machine and tool were delivered and operator training was given.

A post sale visit, engaging with the operators who were very impressed with the ease of movement and level of control over the load was demonstrated completed this successful project.

Wright Group are eager to order further manipulators for the other applications around the factory.

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Linear Manipulator for fitting batteries on the underside a bus
Linear Manipulator for fitting batteries on the underside a bus