A Russian manufacturer of heat exchangers used to handle some parts manually. To carry out this task two operators were needed. Due to the gruelling operations nobody wanted to work at that workstation and staff turnover was highly significant.

This is the reason why the company decided to ask INDEVA to find a solution that would facilitate the handling of the parts.



The INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro manipulator has proven to be the perfect solution, as it not only improves working conditions for operators, but also increases productivity: it is now possible to move the parts of heat exchangers through smoother and faster movements and make work rhythms constant.

Using the Liftronic Pro with custom vacuum gripper, the operator can now carry out the whole work cycle easily and almost effortlessly. He grips the heat exchanger in a vertical position from a pallet (first gripping point) and rotates it by 90 degrees, then releases it on the welding table in a horizontal position (release point 1).

Industrial manipulators for heat exchangers
Industrial manipulators for heat exchangers

Once the welding operation has been completed, the operator takes the heat exchanger and puts it on the diagnosis station with the same orientation (release point 2).

Industrial manipulators for heat exchangers

When the diagnosis operation has been completed, the operator once again takes the heat exchanger, rotates it by 90 degrees and puts it in a vertical position on a pallet (release point 3)

Industrail manipulators for heat exchangers


Thanks to the installation of an INDEVA Liftronic® Pro Manipulator, the workers, who once refused to execute the forementioned task, are now happy to be responsible for the handling of heat exchanger parts.

  • Safety and ergonomics: the INDEVA Liftronic® Pro Manipulator allows workers to lift and handle heavy loads as if they were weightless, significantly improving safety and ergonomics
  • Ease of use: thanks to the auto-balancing and electronic control the INDEVA Liftronic® Pro is intuitive and user friendly
  • Speed and productivity: handling and rotating operations are carried out smoothly and effortlessly by the operator, increasing the productivity and the speed of the work cycle