Liftronic Easy per reparto di manutenzione stampi

A well-known company, leader in the production of glass containers, needed a space-saving system for handling heavy moulds for glass fusion.

INDEVA developed a solution with a rail-mounted arm that covers a working area of approximately 10 m. The system, mounted on the rails, has been designed to be very compact. The system mounted on the tracks allowed the whole working area to be free of any obstacle for the operator.

The operator picks up the moulds from a trolley and positions them on the working table in a simple and ergonomic way, carries out the necessary maintenance work and deposits the moulds back on the trolley. Picking and placing is made even simpler and more intuitive thanks to the “Float Mode” function, which allows the operator to carry out the handling operation while keeping his hands on the load, thus faithfully replicating natural movements without effort.

This has significantly improved mould maintenance times and ergonomics, leading to increased productivity.

Liftronic Easy