Liftroni Easy for handling aluminium profiles


A South African company needs to handle aluminium profiles for overhead rail systems. The length of the profiles ranges from 1 to 8 metres and the profiles can reach a maximum weight of 50kg. The operation used to be carried out manually by one or two operators, but the risks involved especially in handling the longer profiles made it necessary to find a lifting and handling aid that would improve safety and ergonomics for the benefit of the operators.


For this reason, the company decided to place in its warehouse an INDEVA® Liftronic® Easy manipulator mounted under overhead pathway; INDEVA has specially developed inserts that slide into the T-shaped slot at the top of the aluminium profiles and can be easily attached by the standard hook provided as a gripping system. This makes it possible for a single operator to handle long and heavy profiles, moving them from the storage bundles to the cutting machines where they are resized to the desired length. Finally, the cut profiles are repositioned in the bundles or in the loading/unloading area.


  • Safety: the operator can handle profiles without risk to his health and prevent muscular-skeletal disorders
  • Ergonomics: the operator is not subjected to physical strain, but can handle loads with ease. This contributes to his well-being
  • Precision: ease of use allows loads to be handled smoothly, quickly and precisely
  • Productivity: thanks to automatic weight detection and self-balancing, the operator does not have to interrupt the work cycle to adapt the manipulator to a load with a different weight. This makes handling operations faster and consequently increases productivity