Liftronic air

Liftronic® Air: electronic control – pneumatic drive

Environmental considerations play a big part in the decision making

There is a firm commitment in the world to control emissions and reduce the carbon footprint in business generally.

This is very important in car manufacturing plants that are in competition with  each other around the globe to produce the next model vehicle.  carbon Footprint is a serious issue in many large manufacturing companies and most have Mission Statements working towards a zero carbon footprint.

Air is costly to produce with a carbon footprint that reflects this.

Companies using pneumatic industrial manipulators for their assembly lines must consider that wastage throughout the  air feeding system and the heavy demand from pure pneumatic manipulators are contributory factors in the cost of air production.

Material handling tasks  on assembly and production lines require powerful manipulators with rigid parallelogram arm


Scaglia Indeva has invested time and resources  to  produce the Liftronic® Air  which addresses not only the air consumption concerns but also many of the negative comments regarding pneumatic manipulators.

Liftronic® Air is a unique industrial manipulator representing the latest material handling technology.

Liftronic® Air is an industrial manipulator featuring  rigid parallelogram arm suitable for handling heavy and bulky loads offset.

It is powered by compressed air alike  traditional pneumatic manipulators, but it features electronic control of the balancing system and pneumatic circuits

Why an INDEVA® lift assist device is very far above the competition

offset load handling for aerospace industry.

Electronic control of the pneumatic balancing circuits has multiple benefits:

  • Auto weight sensing
  • Efficient use and delivery of air
  • Precise movement of the load
  • Photocell arming offering safe control of the system
  • Touch sensitive handle giving fingertip controlled movement
  • Safety in the event of sudden loss of load

Speed of use and control

Many workers having to perform material handling tasks with a pneumatic manipulator complain that pneumatic manipulators are slow to respond and heavy to use.

These concerns are addressed in the design of the Liftronic® Air:  it features fine control and immediate responsiveness as all intelligent assist devices of the Liftronic® family.  The electronic control allows for smaller pneumatic circuits and for more compact gripping tools, providing greater manoeuvrability and visibility.

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