This industrial manipulator is an intelligent device for handling INDEVA®. It is equipped with a four face end effector: for jars by means of a hook and for bags, cases and drums by means of vacuum. By means of a manual rotation the end effector is quickly and simply adjusted for the load to lift . By means of an INDEVA® the operator can handle loads with different weights without stopping for selecting a different load setting. The INDEVA®, in fact, is auto weight sense and auto balancing and gets adjusted immediately to any new weight. Thanks to the INDEVA® state of the art tecnology, the end effectors are compact and light, thus allowing great visibility of the work area and easy manoeuvrability . The INDEVA® respond swiftly, yet smoothly to human touch, winning inertia both during acceleration and braking, amplifying operator movements. The operator notices no time lapse between the machine sensing and its response, which is impossible with pneumatic control manipulators.

. Lifting equipment for bags, boxes,drums and jars