INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro with custom gripping tool for handling long reels and rolls.

A famous Italian company installed a new line with female employees in charge of loading the machines with reels and needed a manipulator capable of lifting paper rolls of 130 kg.

The operations that had to be performed in a safe and ergonomic way for the operators were mainly two:

  • Setting the coil (weight 107 kg) in vertical position, motorized rotation by 90 ° and releasing horizontally on the trolley.
  • Inserting the shaft inside the coil (total weight 130 kg) and loading the reel into the machine.

Both the above mentioned operations are carried out using the same INDEVA® manipulator, model Liftronic® which does not require the operator to stop for adjusting the system to the different weight each time it changes. This is one of the main feature of the Intelligent Assist Devices (INDEVA®) that makes them superior and unique with respect to the traditional pneumatic manipulators.

With the INDEVA® the operators can work for long hours safely and move these heavy reels effortlessly.

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