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INDEVA Lean System® improves Lean Manufacturing in Automotive Industry

Lean Manufacturing – Automotive Industry

A large and well known  French Company in the automotive industry sector have further improved their production process according to Lean Manufacturing principles thanks to the INDEVA Lean System® Solutions recently supplied by Scaglia Indeva .

The INDEVA solution comprises several trolleys, each attached to a trolley sliding along overhead rails; these trolleys follow the vehicle along the production line.

Each trolley has been custom designed to suit specific requirements concerning  car door assembly and fixing operations.

Main advantages provided by this INDEVA solution:

  • easy supply of components through a kanban system
  • easy visualization of all components and small items, such as screws, buttons, fixing clips, thanks to a kitting system
  • tidiness and implementation of the Lean Manufacturing 5S, with all tools necessary for each assembly station, thus operators  don’t waste time anymore for finding the tool specific for each task.
  • each trolley can be easily and quickly modified when a new component or tool is required, thanks to the modular INDEVA Lean System®.

The trolleys can be easily and quickly moved along the overhead rails track placed along the whole production line. Each trolley is provided with electric and pneumatic connections that can be jointed with the pneumatic and electric net in each station thanks to a festoon electrical and pneumatic cabling present overhead along the whole line.

Our customer declared themselves satisfied with this custom INDEVA® solution, specially appreciating our careful attention to the specific requirements of this application, the 3D simulation and supply of a prototype prior the manufacturing; the supplied custom solution fully satisfies their expectations.

This is why this customer, as well as many other large companies, keep choosing INDEVA® for the optimization of their production systems.

Lean MAnufacturing Automotive Industry work station trolley
Work station trolley along production line
work station trolley for Lean Manufacturing automotive industry
work station with kitting presentation along line in automotive industry
Lean Manufacturing Automotive Industry - Work station trolley
Lean Manufacturing trolley for automotive industry
Indeva Lean System Work station trolley