Jib Crane

Scaglia INDEVA® are specialists in the design and manufacturing of custom made cranes for all industry sectors.

Scaglia Indeva offer state of the art cranes.
The INDEVA® cranes are an evolution of the traditional equipments and are called intelligent devices for handling.
The INDEVA® cranes can be mounted on different supports:

  • Jib cranes
  • Wall cranes
  • Travelling jib cranes
  • Swing jib cranes
  • Bridge cranes

Electric or pneumatic the INDEVA® cranes are available in different models to suit all requirements; they all present several advantages compared to traditional cranes: higher lifting speed, no inertia forces, thanks to the INDEVA® technology, allowing for precise, smooth and quick movements, no UP/DOWN buttons to keep pressed, ergonomic handles, custom made gripping toolings, easy to install and to maintain.