Italian Postal Service delivers the double of parcels during Covid 19 lock down time

Postal parcels delivery boom. In March plus 80%.

This is the title of an article published by the “ECO di Bergamo” newspaper on Sunday 12th of April 2020.

Quarantine effect. In March 2020, in the province of Bergamo only, Poste Italiane, the national Postal Service, made 3,079 deliveries.

In the same month of the previous year the figure was 1,742: this means an increase of (almost) 80%.
An expected and easily understandable growth, if we consider that, with travel reduced to the bone, if not completely banned, shopping online with a home delivery is certainly one of the preferred options for citizens  at the lock-down time.

The Vertiginous growth of deliveries occurred in Bergamo, but also all over Lombardy: according to Poste Italiane in March deliveries in the region have grown on average 106% with peaks of almost 200% in Milan, 157% Monza Brianza, 145% in Varese and 131% in the province of Lodi, among the most affected by the coronavirus spread.

Citizens have seen in the purchase online one of the safest options in this period of epidemy: you buy through PC, tablet or mobile phone, you pay by credit card without having to touch the cash, you receive what you ordered directly at home without even having to leave the gate.

The postmen of the Italian Postal Service – wearing gloves and masks – no longer even require the recipient’s signature: after ringing the doorbell, they ask the recipient permission to leave the parcel in the mailbox, on the stairs, in the garden or wherever there is a shelter, then leave. No contact with each other at all. (From the article on Eco di Bergamo on 12th of April 2020)

The Italian Postal Service, Poste Italiane, has an efficient logistic organization equipped with the state of the art technology, allowing precise, quick and safe parcel and envelopes sorting.

Scaglia INDEVA is proud to have contributed to the efficiency of Poste Italiane logistics with our INDEVA AGVs.  Over 60  units of INDEVA AGV are in use in the Poste Italiane’s logistic centres all over Italy. 

Italian Postal Service delivers the double of parcels during Covid 19 lock down time