Handling meat with an intelligent device for handling INDEVA

CLAI (Cooperativa Lavoratori Agricoli Imolesi), a large cooperative operating in the agri-food sector, at its site in Faenza (RA) slaughter about 1000 cows and 7000 pigs every week; here they move large bovine carcasses several times a day from the cutting station to the processing trolley.

In order to comply with all the strictest guidelines and directives on safety and ergonomics, as well as to improve their overall productivity and ensure high quality production standards, they searched for an advanced lift assist device; an electric hoist or a pneumatic manipulator couldn’t meet their requirements as they are too slow and don’t get automatically adjusted as the load weight changes. The automatic weight detection and balancing is, in fact, a very important feature as they are handling loads, each with a different weight.  The response time of a pneumatic manipulator to weight and direction change is not immediate, so requiring a greater effort from the operator who, as a consequence, very often decides not to use the manipulator and carry out the operation manually.

CLAI products are present in all sales channels all over Italy, as well as abroad and their brand name is recognized as producer of first quality products, and their attention to hygiene standards is very accurate. The only solution for the handling of meat during slaughter and cutting in such a context therefore is the use an INDEVA® intelligent lift assist device, equipped with an electronic control system and electric drive.

An INDEVA® responds in real time to the operator’s intention and moves at the desired speed, with unparalleled precision. This, combined with the absence of buttons to press, allows for excellent smoothness, natural and effortless movements. The weight is immediately and automatically adjusted and the effortless handling condition is constant throughout the entire handling cycle. Moreover, the manipulator supplied to CLAI is entirely in stainless steel complying with all the regulations concerning hygiene in food industry.

Overall productivity as well as ergonomics of the entire process cycle has significantly improved. Operators use the INDEVA® intelligent lift assist device as it were an extension of their own arm.