lifting equipment for cardboard cases

Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied the optimal solution for handling cases in a warehouse where cases are stacked up to 2.8 m height. Cases have to be picked at different heights up to 2.8 m in a quick and precise way and this operation is carried out frequently during the work day. This is why no other solution could satisfy this demand but an INDEVA® .

An INDEVA®, in fact, is auto-weight sense and auto-balancing and compensates the weight of the load immediately and automatically with no need of pre setting . The operator can handle cases of different weights with no interruptions and effortlessly; the INDEVA® reacts in real time to the operator’s touch and moves in the required direction by applying just a few grams force (a finger tip is sufficient). Thanks to its sensitive handle, no extra force has to be applied when changing direction and load positioning is quick and precise.

This INDEVA® is equipped with an end effector with 4 suction cups suitable for gripping cardboard cases both on the short and the long side; with a sensitive handle 800 mm long and with a telescopic handle unit that allows picking a case at 2,8 m height. The handles feature ergonomic design that allows the operator to keep an ergonomic position at all times.