handling large size cardboard cases.

Equipped with spring barycentre device that grants perfect balance of the lifting tool both when empty and when loaded; end effector jaws adjustable both in width and in depth allow handling boxes of different sizes with a quick and easy adjusting operation; safety sensors on the end effector do not allow lifting unless the load is perfectly placed on the jaws; thanks to its telescopic column the manipulator height can be shortened to 2,4 m, so that it can be easily moved from one department to another and loaded unto a lift.

Liftronic® was chosen because it grants ergonomic and safe handling of large size and heavy (up to 320 kg) loads, improving productivity at the same time . Thanks to its electronic control, in fact, there are no inertia forces while lifting, lowering and positioning the load, thus making l these operations precise, smooth, quick and effortless.