Rolls Royce use INDEVA manipulators in their plant

Rolls-Royce has published on their official website homepage, (,  a video showing the INDEVA® manipulators used for the production process of its turbines.
The video shows the assembly process of the Trent XWB model 84 and displays  slogan “Putting Together Quickly“.

Rolls-Royce is proud of its new model XWB which has one of the fastest assembly and delivery processes on the market, a decisive factor for completing  aircrafts in record time!

The Rolls-Royce XWB engine is used for model airplanes Airbus A350 and is currently the most efficient high power engine available for civil aviation. More than 1,500 units have been sold to customers around the world, including Qatar Airways that has ordered 80 A350 units, all equipped with turbines XWB.

The manipulators INDEVA® play a crucial role in this process, ’cause, thanks to their advanced electronic control system, can perfectly meet Rolls-Royce’s requirements of speed in the assembly process, and at the same time ensuring complete safety and ergonomics  for operators, who can handle  parts in a real  zero gravity condition!

Rolls-Royce has chosen INDEVA® manipulators, because they comply with their high safety and ergonomics requirements and at the same time can easily cope with Rolls-Royce  high productivity standard.

The video shows the manipulators installed at Rolls-Royce’s Derby plant in UK; soon a manipulator same as those in Derby  will be installed also in their Singapore’ plant, joining the other 70 INDEVA® industrial manipulators already installed in the other departments.

Watch Video about INDEVA® manipulators at the Rolls-Royce

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Rolls Royce use INDEVA manipulators in their plant
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