Indeva Lean System to increase ergonomics and safety within the company's production cycles.

Our advanced Lean System solutions are designed to optimise logistics and production within your plant. By integrating the principles of Lean System and Lean Manufacturing, our products not only improve productivity, but also operator safety and comfort.

Kit Trolleys

Our kit trolleys are essential for efficient material flow management. Designed to transport specific components and tools directly to the work stations, they drastically reduce search and handling times. Thanks to the integrated Kanban system, kit trolleys are replenished in a continuous and timely manner, ensuring that operators always have everything they need to do their jobs without interruption.

Using kitting trolleys made with INDEVA Lean System® complete with custom kit boxes reduces the production cycle times, improves part presentation in your assembly line, protects your delicate components, shortens production times and thus contributes to the reduction of production costs.

Supermarket trolleys or SAG trolleys

Supermarket trolleys, or SAG (Supermarket and Assembly Goods) trolleys, are mobile mini-warehouses that facilitate the picking and delivery of materials directly to production lines. The ergonomic design of our carts facilitates manoeuvrability and reduces physical strain on operators, improving safety and comfort in the workplace.

Line Slaving

Our line feeding system ensures that the necessary materials and components are delivered to the production lines exactly when required. Optimised through the use of kit trolleys and supermarkets in combination with the Kanban system, our system eliminates material build-up and reduces waiting times, significantly improving operational efficiency.

INDEVA Lean System is ideal for the design and assembly of in-house material handling carts.
INDEVA Lean System® allows you to build ergonomic workstations to perfectly suit your requirement and each operator specific demand, with convenient parts presentation and integral lighting.


Our ergonomically designed workstations improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue. Each workstation is configured to minimise unnecessary movement and ensure that all necessary tools and materials are always at hand. This flexible and adaptable configuration embodies the principles of Lean Thinking.

Through our kit trolleys, supermarket trolleys, line support systems and ergonomic workstations, we offer solutions that improve production and logistics processes, eliminate waste and optimise workflow. These tools create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your operators, thereby increasing productivity and overall efficiency.

We invite everyone to learn more about how our integrated solutions can transform your operations, helping you achieve new levels of manufacturing excellence and sustainability.