Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied the right solution for handling different parts of a power generator.

Read here how the INDEVA® have improved productivity in all plant areas:

Background, by the Plant Manager:

Early March 2011 we attended the South East Manufacturing Exhibition in Farnborough where we first saw the INDEVA® lifting device.
We invited the company representatives to come and visit us in early April and provided them with a plant tour in which we highlighted some areas of opportunity.
An agreement was struck between both parties that included a trial period on site at our plant aiming to generate some interest feedback from the operations staff.
Early May the portable crane that we first saw at the exhibition was delivered to our premises and a brief training module was rolled out to MS engineers in order for them to assist operation of the crane within the production arena.

  • Bespoke tooling with magnetic pick up
  • Fan lifts from stored horizontal position
  • Press of a button allows easy rotation to vertical
  • Improved safety and time against previous means

INDEVAs in all plant areas: more productivity with less effort

Single tool allows pick up of all batteries on site
Tooling insulated to protect from battery terminals
Easy hook up through existing handles on batteries
Improved safety and remove the need of 2 person lifts
Operator Feedback

Ray from 102 Eng Prep: “great when can we have one?”
Line supervisor: “really good product how many can we install?”
Ron at paint: “makes life a lot easier”
Brian from Battery Fit: “when’s mine coming?”

Next Steps
With the trial period considered a huge success, we carried out the necessary risk and ergonomic assessment to identify areas of priority.
Areas identified:

  • Battery fit on on flowline 1 (bespoke tooling)
  • Battery fit on on flowline 2 (bespoke tooling)
  • Battery fit on on flowline 3 (bespoke tooling)
  • Bearer fit on flowline 2 (standard hook with magnet)
  • Fan fit on flowline 2 (bespoke tooling)
  • Load bay at paint (standard hook)
  • Circuit breaker assembly (standard hook)

A device was ordered for each application and by the end of the year were installed and in use with operators trained.
As a result we are currently in review of other operations to identify potential benefits of using an Indeva lifting device.