A Kuwait based company that manifactures air conditioners was looking for a practical, safe and ergonomic solution to handle its products. The weight of the air conditioners varies from 55kg to 95kg and many people were required to move them. Moreover, handling such heavy load manually can lead to accidents and injuries and cause damage to the operator’s locomotor system.


The company decided to turn to Scaglia INDEVA®, which, thanks to its long experience in the field of safety and ergonomics in handling loads manually, designed an INDEVA® Liftronic® Pro column mounted, that daily eases the work of the operators. The work cycle involves the operator, with the help of the INDEVA® Liftronic Pro manipulator, picking up the conditioner in an upright position from a roller conveyor at a height of 400 mm and then placing it on the floor in an upright position. The operation, which was previously dangerous and difficult and had to be performed by several workers, can now be carried out smoothly by one worker, while the others can perform other tasks. The number of parts to be moved is 50 units per hour, or 400 units per day, for a total of 3000 units per week.


  • Safety and ergonomics: INDEVA® Liftronic guarantees total safety, as loads cannot slip out of the manipulator’s grasp, as can happen when handling is done manually by staff. But not only that, INDEVA® manipulators are designed to be highly ergonomic and their use also prevents long-term damage from handling loads.
  • Auto-balancing and electronic control: what distinguishes INDEVA manipulators from traditional manipulators and hoists. Auto-balancing and electronic control enable extremely precise and fast handling. The electronic control allows handling according to the needs of the task and the operator, and the auto-balancing function detects weight changes in real time. This means that the operator does not have to interrupt the work cycle to reprogram the system.
  • User-friendly: using the INDEVA® Liftronic Pro manipulator is easy and intuitive. Operators can start taking advantage of its support right from the start.
  • Speed and productivity: the speeding up of handling operations through the use of INDEVA® Liftronic manipulators ensures a considerable increase in productivity