A company that produces valves, filters and joints has to manage the handling of crates containing its processed items from the various machines distributed in the production department and transfer them to another machine. The crates can weigh up to 60kg. This means two workers were required.


The company wanted to be able not only to speed up the production cycle, but also to ensure and improve the safety and ergonomics of the workers. The engineers of Scaglia Indeva designed and supplied the company with an INDEVA® Liftronic® Mobile manipulator. Now a single operator, with the help of the INDEVA® Liftronic® Mobile, can effortlessly transfer the crates by picking them up from the various preparation points and, once the specific pallet has been filled,  transfer them effortlessly to the inlet bay of the washing machine. The customer-designed INDEVA® Liftronic® is in fact mounted on a forklift truck, which makes it possible to move the manipulator easily, so that its advantages can be exploited at different stages, making the INDEVA® Liftronic® even more indispensable and versatile.


  • Safety and ergonomics: the use of INDEVA® Liftronic® Mobile ensures the safety and ergonomics of operators who no longer have to handle the heavy crates manually
  • User friendly: INDEVA® Liftronic®  Mobile is a true extension of the human arm. In order to move the crates only one operator is now required thanks to the INDEVA® Liftronic® Mobile. Handling the loads has never been so easy.
  • Speed and productivity: handing operations are fast and efficient, this allows to speed up the work of the operators and increase the productivity of the company
  • Auto balancing and electronic control: those who choose an INDEVA® Liftronic® instead of conventional manipulators and hoists can rely on electronic control and auto-balancing. The operator makes precise, controlled movements and thanks to the auto-balancing, does not have to interrupt the work cycle to reprogram the system according to the different weight of the load, as INDEVA® Liftronic® recognises the weight variation in real time and balances itself accordingly.