A company involved in the research, production and refining of energy sources was looking for an efficient solution that would facilitate the positioning and screwing of a series of pipes for the flow of produced oils. This consisted of pipes with a steel sleeve at the end weighing 25kg, which the operators handled manually as they moved from the ‘rest’ position on supports placed near the tanks, to the ‘operational’ position, i.e. connected at various heights to the distribution taps, where the pipe had to be supported while the steel collar was screwed onto the relevant supports. The handling operation was particularly difficult.


For this reason, the company approached their plant supplier to find a solution that would make it easier to move these pipes. The technician in charge, who had previously seen INDEVA® products at other customers, felt that an INDEVA® balancer was the right solution. The company’s entire plant is structured to optimise the available space and there was no room for standard manipulators. The complexity of the project therefore lay not only in defining a suitable, safe and practical coupling for use, but also in being able to insert the manipulator in a low area full of obstacles. Scaglia Indeva®’s engineers carefully analysed the company’s needs and difficulties and explored various options before identifying the one that was functional to the customer’s needs and compatible with installation in the available work area. The solution was an Indeva® Liftronic® Easy Overhead rail, which is also suitable where it is not possible to position the manipulator on the floor. The special hook was chosen after submitting various proposals to the customer and testing different attachment solutions. The installation of the manipulators required them to be supplied partially disassembled and then reassembled piece by piece as they were placed in the relevant area.


  • Safety and ergonomics: INDEVA® balancers are designed to facilitate the work of operators, who no longer have to manually move heavy and bulky loads, and guarantee maximum safety and ergonomics, preventing injuries and musculoskeletal damage
  • Precision and reliability: thanks to the INDEVA® balancers and the gripping tools provided it is possible to precisely and safely position the loads
  • User-friendly: using an INDEVA® balancer is easy and intuitive also thanks to the sensing handle, the operator can move loads smoothly and effortlessly; the manipulator turns out to be an extension of the human arm
  • Speed and productivity: thanks to the electronic control and auto-balancing, using an INDEVA® balancer doesn’t require setting operations; the manipulator automatically recognizes the weight of the load and adapts immediately.


The company, after using the INDEVA® Liftronic Easy Overhead rail, confirmed its satisfaction with the results obtained and emphasised that operators are happy to use the balancer.